Monday, October 24, 2005

Just when I thought I'd never blogged, here I am. Ann Clay, author, lover of the written word. This blog craze, at first glance, seemed a little over rated, but I must admit, it's kind of catchy. It's definitely a stress reliever. So if nothing else, here, on this spot is an opportunity to share, stress and all.

Just when I wanted to throw in my writing hat, having to deal with the frustrations of the publishing world, I received an email from a loyal reader. Dang! Now why did she go and do that? Nothing's more encouraging than an email from a reader stating how much they loved your work. Okay -- So now I have to reach into my reserves (plot, character chart, etc.), get back on the laptop, and create some more stories.

Sometimes it's hard to write. When you write on a part time basis, it is difficult to find time to be creative. I'm a believer that stories should lure and hook a reader from the first page to the last. In the publishing world, today, so many of the same stories are told a thousand different times, only the name changes. I also believe, book lovers, although there are some stories they don't mind reading over and over again, will soon grow tired of this.

Books are being published, clearly jumping on the backs (whatever is hot for the moment) of stories already told. Sometimes with a slight twist by adding an additional charcter, or moving it to another time or place. Some of the stories are so similiar that the reader can almost perdict what will happen and how the story will end. I've tried extremely hard to go beyond the story already told. For the most part, the genre I write has a formula, but I really try to go beyond the story premise of that genre.

I think the reader has an certain appreciation for stories abled to move them; so much so they find themselves relating to the characters, the plot, and in some cases the story's end. They talk about the characters as though they're real people. Get mad with characters when they do things, they, the reader, don't approve of. I hope to be able to create work compelling enough to stir emotions within the reader that by the end, will force them to email me and tell me how the story affected them.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone can put a story to paper. I've been blessed with imagination and the ability to somewhat get it all down on paper. And it would be a shame to not share that gift. So, here I go. Wish me luck.

Happy Reading!



At 11:40 AM, Blogger Alvin C. Romer said...

My dear Ann, I know and hear your frustration, but the literary world I ascribe to will not tolerate a writer of your caliber throwing in the towel...hey, it's okay to be disenchanted with the industry with the sameness of what is being written.

But it's the muse and that still small voice of authority that gave you the talent in the first place prompting you to use it! You see, writers like us will always have something to say, a point to ponder, and words to waft...and it's the medium that allow us to be prolific and pronounced in our articulation that's the difference between mediocrity and superlative. You have been exposed and defined for all things can't quit now. I won't let you!

So just like the Clay that you have been molded from, you will continue to be novel in your approach, write the best short stories this side of Eden, and blog like hell! Watch out world -- she ain't going no where, trust me!

Alvin C. Romer

At 4:41 AM, Blogger lastnerve said...

LOL, this was from 2005. You blog like I used to. Your new book Protective Custody looks amazing and I'm going to pick it up. Hope to see you blog soon.



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